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This testing equipment is used for cookware base stability shock test in the cookware product. The test procedure is fully automatic, including heating, water pouring, evaporating, and repeating a total of 40 cycles. This tester equips the temperature sensor, ensuring to read the correct data as per the standard requests. When the test is finished, customers can check the base and compare the results before and after 40 cycles of heating-pouring-evaporating, If the bottom of the cookware becomes no convex, the test is passed.

Cookware Base Stability Shock Tester

    • Use automatic quantitative water inlet. Set the rotation angle, the motor drives the water pipe from zero position to the appropriate position then water outlet.
    • The water chiller system provides a constant water temperature condition to keep the water temperature at (20±5)°C during the test.
    • The machine can automatically calculate the time required for evaporation of different water volumes (reaching the 10mm water level).
    • Both the test table and side top are hollowed out and exhaust fans to facilitate the heat dissipation of the machine.
    • The temperature sensor module can be lift-down to cookware inner surface for temperature detection.
    • Users can monitor the test status by means of real-time test curve.
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