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This equipment is designed for measuring whether the bending strength performance of the cookware handle fixing system by means of withstanding a bending force of 100N without failure of the securing system, i.e. rivets, welds, etc. It equips pull-push force gauge and adopts the manual operation, users control the handle and apply the required force to the cookware handle. The cookware placement can be adjusted for users test different point on handle.

Cookware Bending Strength Tester

    • Attach the cookware firmly to the rigid base so that the contacting face of the loading bar is 10±1 mm from the end of the handle, ignoring any hanging attachment which is not an integral part of the handle.
    •  Apply the load, gradually without shock, to the handle, until the load is supported or the fixing system fails.
    • Examine failed systems to ascertain cause of failure.


    •  The digital pull-push force gauge can guide users the test force/load.
    •  Flexible adjustment system for cookware placement to measure different test point on handle.
    • The max. vertical force can be up to 250N.



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