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This equipment is designed for the determination of burning resistance of cookware handle. It is mainly composed of alcohol lamp, alcohol lamp mobile module, rigid base platform and windproof cabinet. Attach the cookware to the rigid base, position the burner, move the burner so that the tip of the flame touches the underside of the end of the combustible part of the handle. Adjust the flame height to 30mm.  Expose the handle to the flame for 30 s±1 s, remove the flame and allow the handle to burn either until any flame self-extinguishes or for 15 s whichever occurs first. Observe whether any molten or burning material falls from the handle during this period. Measure and record the length of time the handle continues to burn following the removal of the flame.

Cookware Burning Resistance Tester

    • Equipped with a windproof cabinet to prevent the flame from being extinguished by external factors during the test.
    • Adopted the digital timer so as to freely set the specified test time. 
    • Rigid base platform and fixtures make sure the cookware secured stably.
    • Users can adjust the module so that flame touches the handle suitability.
    • Easy design make the operation user-friendly.
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