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This equipment is designed for corrosion resistance of unplated stainless steel cutlery. The test principle is to keep the cutlery intermittently immersed in a 1% solution of sodium chloride (NaCI) maintained at (60±2)℃ for 6 hours. inally, visually measured the number and size of any pits that have formed by means of a microscope lens.F

Cookware Corrosion Resistance Tester (Dip Tester)

  • ● Electronic actuator lifting function to control the specimen rack 

        up and down stably and automatically.

    ● The heating speed is fast and the temperature control is stable.

    ● Specimen rack height position can be adjusted in vertical. It’s capable of max height of 180-300mm specimen.

    ● The machine is made of PP material, which can prevent the corrosion.

    ● It has a stirring function to maintain the uniformity of the water temperature in the container.

    ● Water level sensor to prevent the heater burn out from dry heating.

    ● Immersing depth is adjustable.

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