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This testing machine tilts the article (cookware filling with water) under test smoothly about its horizontal axis at 6 degrees per second until half or all its contents (water) poured away, then return article to its original position at same tilt speed.  This test applies to all types of cookware.

Cookware Pouring Tester

  • Machine’s structure is very stable and the operation is user-friendly.

    ● Test surface is made of rubber material, preventing the cookware from dropping down during test.

    ● The fixture to secure cookware can be adjusted in height, which adapts to testing cookware of different thicknesses.

    ● Machine will return to the original position automatically after finishing the test.

    ● The bottom of the machine is equipped with a water pan, after the test, the water can be drained easily.

    ● The baffle prevents water from splashing out.

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