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This equipment is for testing the wear of moving parts of all lock and latch furniture and for durability of the return spring of spring-loaded furniture. It is versatile designed to test both of spring bolt through follower or knobs (BS 5872) and mechanism's durability (BS 4951). In accordance with specific requirement of different standards, this equipment is equipped relevant device to perform the test procedure.

Durability of Lock Mechanism Tester (BS5872/BS4951)

  • ● Two sets of striking plates are suitable for BS 5872 & BS 4951 test method respectively.

    Users can flexibly adjust the position of the lock mounting block in vertical by turning the handle wheel.

    ● Adopts cam motor drive method and pulley design, the test process is more stable and smoother.

    The equipment has its own damage judgment function, which can automatically estimate the failure of the sample and stop the test.

    This equipment can record and save 10 test results with one batch. The machine will reserve the current data if the test is paused in the middle. Users can continue the test next time, no need to reset. Meanwhile, you can check the previous data.

    The test report can be printed by the built-in printer.

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