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This machine is used for evaluating the kinetic energy of projectiles toys through determining the velocity and mass of the projectile toys. Firstly, put the specimen onto center hole site of machine’s weighing scale to input the mass of specimen. Position the discharge mechanism so that projectile is launched in its intended manner, test that projectiles pass away300±5mm measurement distance for five times, that is the distance from first screen to second screen. Machine can automatically record the value of velocity and time via sensor, then calculate the kinetic energy.

If more than one type of projectile is supplied with the toy, the kinetic energy of each type of projectile is calculated as the above method.

Kinetic Energy Tester-Toy testing

  • Automatically record the test time and speed, calculate the kinetic energy result.

    Machine equipped mini weighing scale to read the mass of specimen automatically.

    Mini printer to export test result.

    ● Touch-screen LCD control system make the operation user-friendly.

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