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This testing equipment is used to test a vehicle for durability in a dynamic condition. The test vehicle is placed on an endless belt with a section of the ramp and operated at a test speed for a specified period, then compare two measurements of wheels’ angular displacement, examine for any structural failure. This tester is designed for single and twin’s stroller, consist of Front Test Station and Rear Test Station, satisfying different test demand.

Stroller Irregular Durability Tester

  • Front Test Station and Rear Test Sation can be work simultaneously or independently.

    The fixture accommodates different size of stroller handle, and the position can be electrically adjusted up, down, left, and right.

    PLC touch screen makes the operation easy and smart.

    Each side of the belt is mounted with the count sensor for recording the times of wheels contact ramp, and an infrared sensor to let the machine stop if any parts fall off from the vehicle.

    We use guide pulleys to prevent the belt deviation during the operation process. 

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