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Thermal Shock test chambers are designed to give the test specimen a quick transition between a HOT and COLD temperature zone. Available in vertical and horizontal models. Thermal stock test chambers are used in all industries including Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace, which their reliability and functionality are heavily influenced by environmental conditions, users can determine whether sudden temperature change may have an impact on the specimen’s long-term functionality, and help them to identify products component and workmanship defects in construction without reaching the thermal and mechanical stress limits.

Thermal Shock Test Chamber(Three-Zone Type)

    • With the function of automatic defrosting, it can effectively defrost every 3 days.
    • Aluminum-fin evaporator can be effectively reduced the energy storage time.
    • Real-time test curve displayed for result data analysis and the RS232 data storage connection function.
    • After the test, the sample will be automatically returned to the status under room temperature to avoid frost and condensation.
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