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Universal Tensile Tester can perform a wide range of materials physical tests, including tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, friction, and shear testing. This system is designed to test materials, components, and products in various test standards such as ASTM D3574, ISO 1798 ASTM D3330, etc. This tester is extensively used in paper, foam, mattresses, textiles, toys, and a wild range of manufacturing industries.


Servo motor drives to the machine’s mechanical running, GS programmed operation software instructs each tests procedure. Standard and self-define tests can be both supported. It is possible and flexible to edit the test parameters at the user’s own will.


The tester will real-time display the test curve of sample measurement, when finished the test, users enable to save the test result or export it.      

Universal Tensile Tester (Laptop control system)

  • ●Stable structure and the operation is user-friendly.

    ●Perform multiple products performance measurements with different clamps & fixtures.

    ●It adopts the servo motor and high precision sensor, the operation is smooth and speed regulation is flexible. The data collection is fast and accurate.

    ●Multiple force capacity ranges from 0.1kg to 200kg can be selected.

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